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One of the outstanding features of our Sound Bar Desktop Wireless Speaker is its impressive 10-15 meter wireless transmission range, ensuring a stable and fast connection with your phone. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted music playback without worrying about loss or connection issues. Whether you’re throwing a party or just enjoying a cozy evening at home, this speaker will consistently deliver flawless sound no matter where you are in the room.
  • Wireless Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar Peaker With LED RGB
  • New-10W-Sound-Bar-Desktop-Wireless-Speaker

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HLT is the manufacturer of audio products in Shenzhen. Founded in 2016, it is headquartered in Shenzhen City, Guangdong province.

At first beginning, HLT provide plastic injection molding processing for assembly plants in electronics, lighting, bags etc industries. Since 2018, HLT began to design and assemble Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth earphone with utilize its advantages of material supply chain and technical strength.

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Cheap Wired PC laptop Gaming Sound Bar Speaker

How is a Bluetooth soundbar different from a regular Bluetooth speaker?

In the audio industry, there are some popular models such as JBL Cinema SB120 2.0 Soundbar,bose smart soundbar 600, icruze punkk boomy 20W Bluetooth soundbar wireless speaker etc. Consumers often ask: what is the difference between a Bluetooth soundbar and a regular Blu...


New member of Earphone family: Bone conduction Earphone

Bone conduction is a mode of sound transmission that converts sound into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies and transmits sound waves through the human skull, bone labyrinth, inner ear lymph, spiral apparatus, and auditory center. Compared to the cla...